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Yes, I quoted a link someone else posted. Ah ok...
Did and do you talk about German Foo Fighters events on this board? I am sad, because the only concert this year in Germany is a gig on the Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin. And I had no possibility to see them in another European country.

I have found the German Facebook page, too. But it seems that not many users are active there.

And it was not my intension to trigger a discussion about the English language.
Hi Stefanie and welcome !

The great thing about this board is that we talk about ALL Foo Fighters events. So when the band is touring like right now, the board remains constantly active.

If you focused on JUST Germany then you would have a very quiet fan space for the reason you mention - they are not there very often. But we certainly have German fans here. Many of those that participate will go to multiple shows in the US or the EU in each tour cycle. They often meet up with each other, share information and tips etc. So it is always the best source for touring information and planning.

The main board areas are the "Tour Talk" and Foo General Discussion". If you look regularly on there you will get a good understanding on how things work.

Many of us don't get to go to many show because of out location (I'm in New Zealand) but we still get to share in the excitement of others that do and when there is any kind of news that affects what the band are doing or have said, it will always be here within a day, and often before it is in main stream news
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