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It's not the UK store... so should be all in one envelope
I know - though they seem to be way better at international stuff the few times I've used the UK store.

In a funny thought I just had (among many crazy ideas over many years)...

If I was the band's manage(r/ment) I would have done just that though - not 1000 envelopes, but say 10 registered ones with 100 pieces each - all containing pics and negatives of the band trying to do the actual puzzle...

With some imagined "lacky" completing it, band signing the "board" and it being shipped out in 10 parts (just because that's super fucking risky, and in your face, and crazy awesome if you get it all, or crazy awesomer still perhaps if you don't ... and because its a thing that's "in parts" so it utterly becomes a mind-fuck in even a "meta" reference sense)

Sigh - execs are SOOOO boring

Throw that kinda shit at the media 3 times a year and wonder if the increased store sales were worth it...
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there

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