Default Re: Phillie-10/12/09

Went to the show last night-
Dave looked VERY, VERY HAPPY behind those drums.
And Josh-very mesmerizing with those hips of his. Hard to decide who to film/photograph!!
JPJ-was like he had a magical toybox-kept pulling out one after one musical instrument.
These guys really look like they are enjoying themselves.

DID NOT care for opening band-too mellow for me. Did sound Beatlesque to me too.

We were upstairs in the bar area-took lots of pics/video. Will post both.
"Now it's clear that Chris can do almost anything. He can be just as dirty
and sloppy as Pat, or he can be as precise as Franz. He definitely plays
really tight, but because of his hard-core, punk rock background, he also
knows when things should be messed up. He really gets into it when he plays,
and you can tell when something's building to a climax -- he kind of goes
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