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You've done very well with your list

Changes I would make to the above (in general and in comparison) in my opinion would be:

Big Me (white) - Can be harder to find - can be slightly expensive
Everlong (blue) - Medium hard to find - always very expensive
My Hero (red) - Medium hard to find - medium to expensive
Walking After You - Not super easy to find - usually above medium in cost
Learn to Fly - Hard to find - usually expensive
All My Life (US) - Can be harder to find - medium cost when you find one
The Pretender (clear) - Slightly harder to find - starting to get a little more expensive

If you were wanting a list of all the 7" singles you are missing these:

This Is A Call - UK One Sided Promo - becoming rather rare - fairly expensive
This Is A Call - UK Jukebox - fairly rare - medium pricing when available
Monkey Wrench - US Jukebox - reasonably easy to find
My Hero - US Jukebox - reasonably easy to find
Walking After You - US Jukebox - reasonably easy to find
Westlife / Foo Fighters My Love / Next Year - Italian Jukebox - Rare & expensive
The One - UK - Impossible to find - don't try (ONE was made and signed by Dave for a UK competition. It is owned by a very lucky board member)
All My Life EU - NOT numbered - Getting quite rare & expensive
Best Of You US Promo - Getting harder to find - becoming slightly expensive
The Pretender US Promo - Getting harder to find - becoming slightly expensive

Additionally the following three test pressings are known to exist - there must be more but none have ever surfaced or been known to be publically owned.

The One - UK Test Pressing (Maybe 8-10 copies - of The "One" limited 7" above)
All My Life US Test Pressing (8 copies - I own one)
Long Road To Ruin UK/EU Test Pressing (unknown number of copies - Alban on Discogs owns one)
Thank you FooZealand for the kind words!
Your comments are very helpful, I really apprecitate it!
I left the promos as firstly I want to get the commercial 7" singles and still don't know if I want to go deeper. I've been really into NIN, Nirvana and Manson for a decade, so I don't have too much money to spend on another band, but the Foo 7" vinyls are beautiful.
As I said before, I'm always open for trade as well, so if you have any spare FF vinyl, let me know.
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