Default eBay Seller Screwed Me & I Screwed Them Back

Jan 2015 I posted on the board how fucking super stoked I was to win poster 360 of the LA Event. 360... In The Round - yeah you get the link. Was an average price at the time $149.99 but the number was just too cool.

So I get a message around a day after that... Really sorry I have sent it to someone else! They got 360 instead of 359. Would you like 359 instead? I don't have that listing number still, but I did find it and they DID sell 359. So I went well fuck, of ALL the luck. Man I was so disappointed.

Hey um 360 relisted... they want $360 for it! But they sent it to someone else instead of the 359 they'd sold them... yeah right.

Oh wait it's even better...
359 has been relisted too - they want $199.99 for it.

So whoever won 159 was told god knows what, but the seller didn't send out that one either so they could cover my sale in case I decided to take the replacement (swap) offer. Now a safe three months have passed they have relisted them both at exorbitantly higher prices. Ultra fucking sleazy.

So I've bought the new relisting and sent a friendly message that I'd like an invoice a 149.99 as originally purchased or I'd be happy to discuss with eBay regarding how I was lied to about it being sent to someone else.

Worst part is they quite quickly saw my post here, so they could even be a board member. Anyway "carmexlips" in LA - a wholehearted Fuck You too, you've been super fucking caught out, and you can pay the selling fees on $360. If you apologize and admit what you did I will leave it there, otherwise lets have a dance with eBay and I will be denying every attempt to void the transaction and make sure your nice perfect clean feedback record will reflect the fact that if you fuck with people there can be consequences.
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