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Yes, I have two of them.I just want to know who designed it!
Yeah I know you're wondering who the artist is so I just wanted to make sure that is the correct poster. I saw another poster so I wasn't sure which one. If I come across more info on it I'll be sure to let you know.

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I take it the July 4th money poster went on sale in the middle of the night since it has now been replaced with another artist poster on his site?
Damn I hope not! On the bottom of that page it said the date would be announced through his mailing list. I didn't get an email so hopefully he's just prepping for it.

From EMEK'S site:
This NEW RELEASE poster will be available on a designated day, which we will announce through our mailing list. If you are not already signed up please do so by clicking here

Judging by his previous drop sales, my guess is that it will happen on a Thursday between 12:00pm - 12:30pm PDT.

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