Default Re: How We all became mega-fans

I was gradual. The first album, it was all promoted as the drummer from Nirvana starting his own band. I loved the first album, and Dave built it from there.

My first Foo's show was in '97 at the UBC Student Rec Centre in Vancouver. A little auditorium like room that held about 1000 people. Talk Show (Stone Temple Pilots with a different singer) opened. It was a helluva good show. Saw them again at Edgefest '98 in Toronto, opening for the peppers in Vancouver in '00 (in which the peppers seemed a little dull in comparison), and then had a long Hiatus until I saw them again in Vancouver for the Wasting Light tour.

I'm actually a pretty hardcore Pearl Jam fan, so my Foo Fighters fandom pales in comparison to that. Still it's been over 20 years now of listening to the Foo Fighters. They keep putting out album, you keep listening, then wham it's been 20+ years.
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