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I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and the medicine I had to take was a shot, into the muscle in my thigh once a week, next day I felt like I had the flu. In order to get my guts up to shoot myself, I’d watch Foo videos on the Tivo and they’d make me feel better, make me laugh and then I was able to shoot myself.

First show was maybe 2002 in Northern VA and then in July of 2003 I won tickets, a flight and hotel to Montreal (from Virginia) from a radio station.

I started hanging out on this board, made a lot of friends and acquaintances over the year by being on this board nearly every day.

For me the band is he reason I have all these friends (some don’t really care for the band anymore!)
A lot of us (US, Canana, UK, Aus and Europe) have visited one another in person doing things that have nothing to do with the band.

Every time the band does something clever (garage shows, HBO doc) it make me feel proud to be a fan. They don’t fuck off, they don’t come on stage late, they’re just a fucking hard ass working band and I love them.

PS—I have since been un diagnosed with MS in around 2006. Long boring story.

My friend mj has always been the one person "Oh, come on, Atlanta isn't that far! Lets go see them!!!!" she's my partner in crime for the shows and without her I would not have done 1/4 of the stuff I've done.
Donna, you are awesome.

My story: It started with Nirvana... I was 17 in 1990. Their sound blew my mind...

Fast forward a few years, and I hear the drummer from Nirvana put some music out... The rest is history.

I was late to the game on the board. I stumbled upon it one day...lurked around for a while...started posting...and two years ago took a trip to DC, and met some of the most amazing humans on the planet.

The adventure continues...
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