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As with all terrible stories, it starts with a boy.
I was in Secondary School, first year I believe (1999/2000) the boy I fancied (read: completely infatuated with) had a Nirvana patch on his bag, cue me assuming the best way to a boys heart is to enjoy the same music (obviously) so I went and did my research, bought Nevermind & In Utero fell in loooove, and forgot about the boy .
From Nirvana it lead me on to the Foos, bought TINLTL and fell (possibly harder) in love and have been besotted ever since.

Never did get the guy, but got two of the most important bands in my life so it worked out for the best
Glastonbury 2015
The O2, London- 19/09/2017
Royal Albert Hall, London- 21/09/2017
London Stadium - 22/06/2018; lambchop_x
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