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Think this is a nice topic to do my first post on the forum here.

I discovered the Foo fighters while browsing television channels. I think it was 2009, quite late in the evening when I stumbled upon a concert of a band called Foo fighters in Hyde park, London I'm a big fan of London, so I kept watching what band was gonna start playing in the park where I had been. I'll never forget the start of the concert, loud rumbling guitars (just like they still today start their concerts today) that transformed into a song that, I would later learn, is called In your honor. I always was into rock/punk/metal music and I was immediately hooked to the sound of the band. I watched the entire show shaking around on the couch.

The day after I started watching clips of them on youtube, started listening to their songs and so I was hooked. They are al incredible gifted musicians and you just cant help it but love Dave's performance.

But for me the question is not how I became mega-fan it's why I became mega fan. I have been struggling with some form of depression off and on for years now, but no matter how bad I feel, once I start watching clips of the band performing live, I can just loose myself in the clips just as if I am there. And in those moments I always forget all negative things, and just feel good. That's why I love the foo fighters.

First concert I would have seen them would have been Wembley in 2015, but we all know how that turned out. In the meanwhile I've seen them 3 times live and each time I fall a bit more in love with the band.

Can't wait for London next year! And hopefully Antwerp if I get tickets tomorrow.
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