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Anyone pretending having a full length song out of this demo is a fu***ng liar. Period.

I asked to every single people who was saying something like "yeah i've got full songs of it lololz" on Youtube, Facebook, tons of forums (including this postboard), and NO ONE EVER answered me in months.

I give up my quest of finding this rare stuff, it's just not out there (yet), that's all !
Just because nobody answered you doesn't mean they don't have it, it usually means they can't share it with you. I know for a fact some of it is out there.

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Yeah it had a little bit of verse too.

If you want to hear the million dollar recording of "The One" it can be heard from 38:30(ish) mins right here:

it sounds like midi drums (possibly if they were protooling it?) The lyrics are a little mixed up and the harmonies are louder in the mix in the chorus.

Interesting to hear. I remember watching the movie thinking it sounded weird some time ago so thought i'd look it up. Have you made any contact with the guy claiming to have them earlier in this thread?
Interesting, never watched the movie before. As far as I know the released version of 'The One' is from the very first session 1x1 session and is technically already a MDD, so this version must be an early unfinished version from that first session. I think the mixed up lyrics are edited to match the scene though, rather than being like that originally.

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