Default Re: Pretty sure this a complete Million $ Demo minus vox

Yeah, I'd leak it myself if there was any remote way I could get away with it.

I've heard of 3 people (assuming Percy isn't one of them and I just don't remember em) having it independent of each other, a few people getting a handful of the songs from one of those sources and a few people that got the full thing.

I wish it would get out but I can't really condone or encourage that, for reasons I should hope would be obvious.

Oh and there is no "million dollar demo" version of The One. The slight variation of it in the movie is the work of the film's music editor solely for the film itself. It might've been pre-mastering (though I doubt it) but the track the band sent the film's producers is what's on the soundtrack/the single/the unreleased version of One By One.
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