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So many emails have gone back and forth about these bloody tea towels! I ordered four in October. In January I get one... They say they sent four. They say they'll send another three... Two weeks later still nothing. They ignore my first email, a couple of days later I chase and they say oh sorry we'll speak to the warehouse... Three more are on their way apparently but if the website says they're out of stock how are they sending me more?
Just say sorry we have massively cocked up do you want a refund or something else. I want something, don't just keep my money and keep fobbing me off! I'd rather have the teatowels that have Foo Fighters 2018 on than nothing!

I wont be ordering from them again which is a shame as I've spent an awful lot of money there previously over the years.
Don't worry the are out of stock - they stop advertising before stock is zero and always hold spares for a while after all orders are shipped to cover losses breakages and fuckups on the orig orders. My ornaments are no longer on sale but my replacement ones went straight out.

What's mad here is the total disconnect between the order you place and the fulfillment of it. Someone seems to send the warehouse what to ship - it isn't directly taken from the order. This is where things are so often getting screwed up. Warehouse seems to send the right items they are told to. But either way it's bullshit.

Keep at them - they should deff be able to fix & complete any tea towel order issues raised as of now anyway.
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