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Gosh that was a bit disappointing wasn't it? I mean, teasing so much but delivering so little... in terms of the actual setlist, compared to 2012..

I suppose its the same with all bands when they get older, they want to play newer stuff and/or don't think casual fans will know older stuff. The irony being that the less they play the older stuff, the less likely people are to know it.. I'll freely admit that I didn't know much from the first few albums when I started seeing them live, but that changed, I knew the singles, (Big Me, This Is A Call.. but the rest?).

The Foo's deliver a show, they always deliver a good show, but if you've been there when they've gone off book, and have delivered a GREAT show, then anything than that high is a little less satisfying, you know what a great meal is like, so even if you have a good meal, you know there's something missing.. doesn't mean you don't enjoy it, but you could've enjoyed it more.

There's lots of talk about the 25th Anniversary, you know what I'd love, Foo's play two shows, completely different set lists each night.. they've got more than enough songs to play two full shows, think about all the tracks from their albums we'll never hear live again... I for one miss them - Billy Bragg is touring playing 3 shows in each town, each show has tracks from 2 of his albums, so over three nights you can see tracks from 6 different albums.. Enter Shikari at Leeds / Reading did something similar...

Wouldn't we all love that?
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