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I think most gigs there is a Club Rami, you see very happy people with a funky wristband.

Love that about Frank Carter, the King!! During Leeds he and Deano watched start of the set from the back, I didnt notice for a while but they were with their girlfriends so didn't bother them.
I think the funky wristbands and AA passes were all allowed into Club Rami.

Yeah, Frank was busy with some heavy PDA with his gf when I saw him too so I didn't bother him either

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There was a big backstage party for 300 people, was in that white tent at the back of the guest area that had a security guard outside. My friend took a pic of me next to the sign backstage, must get that!
I heard Frank was absolutely hammered
One of my friends went in that tent for a bit because she had a higher level of access than me, but I think she just went to speak to one of the Rattlesnakes cause she knows em. I don't think the Foos were around at that point, it was right after they finished their set.
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