Yeah, in my opinion (let me just make that clear, in my opinion) a boycott will do very little for the situation as there's always going to be a crapload of people who buy the CDs anyway, there will never be a big enough proportion of boycotters to make a difference. The problem needs to be tackled in some other fashion. How? I don't know, maybe a movement by retailers or something, someone more than 'the common consumer'. Either that or a massive organised group of consumers. Maybe something entirely different. Thoughts?

I just don't think boycotting is the way to go, unless it can be achieved on a very large scale, which I really doubt. A large number of people just sit there and take this crap because it's too hard to stand against it, or they don't know any better.

Edit: Whoa, hold on. Almost forgot about the music there. What's better than owning the original in all it's kick ass packaging glory? *looks at his limited edition* You'd be hard pressed to make me not buy that, it rocks [it also doesn't have copy protection, but hey ] Copy protection in this form needs to die. It can't be done with CD media dammit. And probably not with any other media at that. Change your fucking way of marketing stuff to the world, labels, embrace the internet, not go all out trying to stop it.

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