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I purchased the new Foo CD yesterday at the local Circuit City, got it in my car and listened to some of the album, pretty good stuff. Got it home and obviously I ripped it to my iTunes folder and put it on my iPod so I can listen to it to and from work. Got to work this morning and wow, all the songs skip! Well I seriously doubt the Foo Fighters look at any of these posts, but all I can say is they aren't gaining any fans by pulling shit like this. The fact of the matter is that the music is going to be on the web illegally one way or another, you should realize this and there are some fans that will go and buy the album regardless. I mean just look at the board from the last few days, THERE ARE METHODS POSTED ON THIS BOARD THAT ALLOW YOU TO WORK AROUND THE COPY PROTECTION!!!! I didn't buy this CD to listen to it in CD format, I don't really think anyone does this anymore, and I didn't buy it to have to install some stupid media player that will only be useful for one album. This was a big mistake on the Foo Fighters part to do this, your music will be out there illegally even with your great copy protection, cause basically people will outsmart the assholes who copy protected the album. Sorry Foo, you lose....both the copy protection and fans who would have bought this and future albums. If I had the option, I would return the album and find it on the web illegally. It will be the last Foo Fighters album I buy..
People are freaking out wayyyy to much over this.

Take a few extra minutes and disable the driver. I was explaining to my computer savy friend and she just laughed, "Well it will get rid of the lazy ones. I know it sucks to do it in the first place, but well life is a bitch at times.

I take it I am the only one who bought another new album yesterday because the exact same protection is on that album too and it's not RCA or Sony. It's not the band. It's the record industry. Getting worked up about it is going to accomplish nothing.

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