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We are so fortunate to be fans of a guy and band that continues to provide audio and video of parts of their process.
This is very cool.
Like others have said the drumming, and drumming from memory for 23 minutes, are incredible.
I feel a lot of Sound City-like vibes and tones here and can't help but compare the two, mixed with Dave's comment of "spare riffs", to think these really are riffs he enjoys, but aren't quite worthy of Foo tunes.
"Stranger things have happened, I know..."

~July 12, 2003 (St. Paul)
~October 2, 2005 (St. Paul)
~February 27, 2008 (Minneapolis)
~September 14, 2011 (St. Paul)
~August 22, 2015 (St. Paul)
~October 18, 2018 (St. Paul)
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