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The answer to that is:

I've been told it's fine but not officially approved (as not received confirmation form). reasoning for that is it's a new centre manager dealing with it and he has a lot on his plate at the moment, so not had the form back yet.

So I'm currently going through everything, finalising plans and then booking it all up in the next week or so

So on my list as it stands:
  • Plane Tickets
    insurance quote
    ticket + camping/friday entry/hotel san bernardino
    hotels LA/SB
    Phoenix foo gig ticket/hotel/travel?

Trying to work out if there's anything missed - and also work out an itinerary for the days when not got anything on.

Any ideas anyone?
Excellent news!
The only thing I can see missing from that list is 'Purchase souvenir for Dave from the Board'. Other than that, perfect mate!

I hope it all works out!
Reading Festival 24-8-02
Reading Festival 27-8-05
Hyde Park 17-6-06
The O2 Arena 18-1-07
Wembley Stadium 6 & 7-8-08
Milton Keynes Bowl 3-7-11
Reading Festival 26-8-12
AccorHotels Arena 3-7-17
The O2 Arena 19-9-17
The Royal Albert Hall 21-9-17
Etihad Stadium 19-6-18
London Stadium 22 & 23-6-18
Pula Arena 18 & 19-6-19
Bellahouston Park 17-8-19
Vital Festival 19-8-19
RDS Arena 21-8-19
Leeds Festival 23-8-19
Reading Festival 25-8-19

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