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What can you post about? Pretty much nothing. It's not that everyone doesn't wish the guys well or that we don't care about their happiness. We here at love the band as much as you do. However, we need to learn to respect the fact that they are allowed to have private lives. A clarification because of recent events:

Dave and I had a discussion a few years back stemming from some over zealous fans that were posting personal stuff related to his wedding. From that point on he wanted nothing about Jordyn on the site. Is it a stretch to believe this extends to any new family members? No, it's not. In an interview situation, Dave picks and chooses what he wishes to share. Since I can't have him sitting her next to me giving me a thumbs up or thumbs down on all the wacky shit you guys say then this is how it's going to be. SO...I don't care what is in the media. He and the rest of the guys PAY for this site to be up and operational. He should not have to pay for something were people disrespect his family or make inappropriate comments related to his wife and any children he will have. I extend this same courtesy to the rest of the band members.

Threads that discuss private life type issues will be closed. Should you have any questions about this feel free to PM or e-mail a board administrator.
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