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So if you shop on the UK Store from outside of the EU, always remember that you are giving 20% of your total order price away to Live Nation Charity INC- arguably illegally.
Sorry I think you're wrong on this one. There was a scandal recently where stores in airports were charging VAT in the manner you describe, where you were being charged VAT on items taken outside the EU. There are complicated factors such as having different prices for travel outside of EU, plus what items would attracted the discount and what wouldn't.

You have provided no evidence whatsoever that Live Nation (or whoever) aren't paying the VAT they charge you over to HMRC. You are speculating based on what the tax rules are, and if they are being applied in that manner.

There is nothing illegal whatsoever in charging VAT on all your UK based transactions.

HMRC will inspect the VAT records, and having undergone a HMRC inspection into our companies VAT (every three years..) they dig through EVERY invoice to ensure you aren't short changing them, they feel they have "failed" if you don't owe them money after the inspection - though last time I went through one they owed us!! Though on one occasion we owed them.. and it was a lot!

For all you know HMRC are being paid ALL the VAT (less input VAT) on your transactions.
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