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As much as you have spent on this band, their management really should find a way to make this right for you. Fingers crossed that they do! Sorry you had that happen to you.

No shit - since June this year alone JUST the US store. ALL with exactly the same details all the way on every order - address credit card blah blah - and the last one is fraud - no the last one is someone that decided hey these will sell in seconds regardless - but not to him!

I have no way to contact Sam merch (I don't know email addresses). I have this board and the people on it and that's really it from here in NZ - I don't get to meet all the crew and make contacts etc.

I've thought about it over night - I simply can't order any more from the store. How can I - there is no way I'll know what they will or will not fulfill, or even if they will fill orders but never actually send the items and just say it's my fault it was lost in transit.

As a collector that now can't properly collect I'm totally fucked, it takes away half my enjoyment.

Once I add the huge amount of resentment I feel right now that this can ever even be allowed happen, I just want nothing more to do with any of it. I feel utterly betrayed and stabbed in the back.

So I'm out - Im done. I just can't be fucked trying to fight for something that should not only be easy, but should be outright fun - what the fuck is the point, and why the fuck should I have to? I will go focus on something new and hope that come February I can find enough excitement to actually go to the NZ concert.

I truly hope nobody else gets caught like this by these c@#ts at Live Nation.