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Sorry I think you're wrong on this one.

For all you know HMRC are being paid ALL the VAT (less input VAT) on your transactions.
Only IF that WAS the case it would take 15 seconds to respond to my request for explanation by saying exactly that.

Their response: SILENCE

Ask yourself this - what kind of sales advantage does taking 20% off your effective retail price have to the volume of sales you might make.

Answer - it's fucking monumental. Amazon UK have built half their business out of that fact.

So if a large retail outlet like Live Nation arent doing it also, but are in fact needlessly charging VAT on Non UK customer orders and then paying it to the UK govt, and in so doing unnecessarily screwing BOTH those customers AND themselves... then they are the epitome of the definition of fucking idiots.

So they are that stupid that they can't do what's needed to make tens or hundreds of thousands more profit, AND they just cant be fucked replying to say so. OR they are ripping people off.

Some choice.