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Their response: SILENCE

Ask yourself this - what kind of sales advantage does taking 20% off your effective retail price have to the volume of sales you might make.

So they are that stupid that they can't do what's needed to make tens or hundreds of thousands more profit, AND they just cant be fucked replying to say so. OR they are ripping people off.
a) Do you think that most of the people that deal with the emails they receive understand your question about VAT? b) they don't have to answer the question - if you're being hardnosed about it, you're buying from a UK store and are given the costs before buying, whilst you could ask the question your items are sold under the terms of UK Law.

Yes in theory should they be disposed to they could not pay over the VAT on items shipped outside the EU. Yes it would increase the profits made.

I don't think I can state this further a business has no obligation to inform you regarding their tax affairs or business processes, they only have to conform to the law regarding them.

From what I can see the Foo UK store has given you the cost of your purchases, including VAT, and you have chosen to purchase, you haven't questioned before purchase if you can reclaim the VAT as its being shipped outside the EU, to which they could answer or not. You could then have made a somewhat informed decision, or accepted there wasn't an answer.

Whilst I sympathise with you on this, and cannot speak for why your order was cancelled, I don't believe that any laws have been broken.
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