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I kind of feel like you KNOW you have an outlet here and that would be me. It's pretty easy for me to contact management and let them know what's up. If you want to just cut to the specifics and what you ordered and what you need, I am sure that we can get it organized.

Management can't possible be aware of everything like they used to be they do know who to contact at the stores to make it right. It's not like it's a merch person in the back room at the SAM office.

So, please email me with the particulars and I can have them look into it. Pretty sure the fraud thing is a mistake, but again, it's up to you if you want me to ramp it up.

I am super busy at a real job work audit (and a very sick father) and I don't have time to cut and paste all the non essential info out of your posts again, if you can give me a readers digest version (to the point) I am happy to be your voice.

Thank you.

It would also be suggested that you try and remain pleasant in your email to me and then if you want to send a complaint about all the stuff you outlined I am happy to do that too. Management doesn't look here really since I manage it and Simon looks daily. He let me know this was going on.
Thanks Jill. I do of course know you are here, but I did not want to presume this was appropriate to take up with you directly.

Additionally I believe the issues should be public and not just raised behind the scenes.

With that said I have said enough here, and the last thing I want to do is have this go anywhere near an argument with other fans either. So there will be no further discussion here by me.

I have sent you an email. The fraud issue is absolutely my biggest concern, and while that happened before I started this thread I did not know anything about it until AFTER I wrote the first post here, because I only found out about it by seeing the refund hit my credit card account days afterward.

Losing those foil posters is a huge bummer, but nothing compared to the fact I have now lost absolutely all trust in the store to process my orders or that it 100% feels like I am being directly targeted by staff at Live Nation. So those are the things I most want resolved / assurance over.

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