Default Re: Open Letter To Management & Fans Re Live Nation Merch Stores Part2

Just a couple of years ago, they were giving out special keys to the fans who'd been the biggest spenders in the store.

You're justifiably upset - I don't know how I would feel if the folks running the store took over and decided I was a flipper for the crime of spending my money on the band I love. I understand why this feels like a personal and direct kick in the teeth. It would be a total shame, though, to lose you as a fan full-stop over this. There was a reason you began following this band, beyond collecting, beyond the many merch contract changes that have happened in the last few years, let alone of all time. There's a reason you do it beyond any expectations of recognition as a 'mega-fan'. Now, the problems with LN have been apparent from the start, are affecting more than merch, and are prompting more than a few fans to speak up. But with the exception of yourself, the love for the band hasn't changed - it can be recognized as a very particular issue aside from that, one that's removed from FF's personal meaning to them.

Management took it seriously enough to speak to the store. The store's own response is lame even after being made aware of it, but although you still feel slighted, they did try to help, which is more than what most get. To be blunt, no, they're probably not going to treat you any more differently than that, compared to the next fan, and it seems like that's what you wanted after everything you've invested.

Try to step outside your emotions for a moment and identify the source of the grief. From how you've described what's been going on, I don't think it's the band themselves, and being upset with them as the figureheads is only an easy way to remove yourself from it. I go back to what I said near the start - remember why you got into this.
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