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Did you camp? We camped in our guest but last year which was all very nice and civilised. Not camped in the general bit since 2001 when I had the stamina to not sleep. Heard nothing but horror stories about general camping now so would be interested to hear if its ok!

I suspect I'd get a day ticket, dependent on who the other headliners are of course.

Last year it was a bit disappointing that everything shuts off after the last headliner apart from the silent disco. I'm a regular glasto goer and entertainment there goes on all night. I guess its part of the licence as its next to the town?
Camped in '14 and '16 and then had a day ticket in '15. I reckon the camping is just luck of the draw tbh, I camped in Green in 2014 which is right next to the arena and infamous for was completely fine. Granted it was a bit noisier and had more kids but nothing bad. Very handy being so close to the stages too.

I doubt i'll camp this year due to people being busy but if the line-up is strong enough I'd probs be able to get a few together. A day ticket will be getting bought if Foos are there though, the 2012 set looked class. And yep, it is due to the fact the site is in the city the noise stops

Christ this makes me sound old, I am 23 ffs
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