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Another fake Pat....I messed with this one to see what he would say and he sent me a message....

"Hello sarah,
Your ideal day with Mr Pat would be his arrival at your residence before noon,You will have a personal time with him, private lunch, a candle lit dinner later that day as he gets to sign your autographs and you take pictures together. Plans have already been put in place to this effect. The sum of $1000 Will be required to set up all necessary arrangements for the meeting as a date will be given to you upon payment of the stated sum.A confirmatory email as to whether this goes down well with you would be appreciated. Am deeply sorry for the delay in response to your mail, you can now reach Mr pat on his new instagram handle @Pat.smear.official

Sounds just like the real Pat

I reported it to IG and FF
The account has now been closed.....but Iím sure he will be back
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