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Only sometimes what you know to be true for well over a decade turns out to be wrong.

And though I've known this for some time now, I can finally share it. Both designed by Tim Gabor, from a run of 24, never seen before let alone sold, I get to sit this beside TR's Rough Mixes cassette.

There's a bit more story to it, and I'm not sharing color images, but a couple of redacted emails from the man himself will be enough for now.

We'd discussed it before, he was just "blocking out" the provenance and the fact it was being sold to me. The "Print" references are another story that may be shareable in the future, but not now.

I'm probably not the only one that will now feel differently about the significance of that US TIAC promo CD with the ODD different image lol

4th March 1995 - Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge - 4th EVER Gig - 13 Days after 1St EVER West Marine Store private Gig...

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