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This is a good point, less overhead than a normal show.

If I had to guess I'd say BST, and TRSNMT, as they seem more like headline shows, so they'd likely get a better financial return, IOW are only charging £140 currently for a weekend ticket, for 72K capacity, so not sure if that would make financial sense.

I know the Foo's turned down IOW for 2015, but obviously that was because of Glastonbury, and their own shows, with John Giddings tweet about it, being very blunt! (Factual but blunt!)

Who knows though.. I did think after this summer it might be a while before I saw them live again, I was thinking a couple of years minimum.. we might get lucky..
Im hoping for BST, really well organised festival and (I'm guessing) a bigger capacity than TRNSMT? BST are all also really good at providing a decent bill throughout the day, which would fit well for someone like Tenacious D to have an exclusive UK show
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