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They do day tickets which is easier than having to buy for the whole festival. For download Paris I got two day tickets but it would have worked out cheaper to buy an early bird one.

Reading would suit me better as we get guest tickets
True, but the price of day tickets for most festivals is usually almost half the cost of a full ticket. And Download is usually a solid festival with a decent lineup. Reading has been going downhill for years.

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Im hoping for BST, really well organised festival and (I'm guessing) a bigger capacity than TRNSMT? BST are all also really good at providing a decent bill throughout the day, which would fit well for someone like Tenacious D to have an exclusive UK show
There's no reason for them not to do both. They happen around the same time, so there wouldn't be real additional travel costs and they could easily sell tickets to both.

I would be slightly surprised if they didn't do one of Reading or Download though. Doing DL France suggests they are building a working relationship with that company and the timing fits with the Hurricane/Southside dates. And Dave's always had something of a love affair with Reading.
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