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It's a great city! Go for it!

They are not METULZZZ enough for Download IMO. I was surprised Muse were booked a couple of years back.

Neither an Old School Metal band, any of the regulars who keep popping up.
But they did Download Paris last year and got a great reception!

I'll see what else they announce before booking Hamburg, still struggling to get time off for Glastonbury so asking for the week before off as well isnt going to help my case. However if they're playing on the saturday then it could definitely happen.
London Stadium 22 & 23 June 18
James Corden Show, June 18
Download Paris, June 18
O2, Sept 17
Lollapalloza Berlin, Sept 2017
NOS Alive, July 2017
Glastonbury 2017
Paris, Nov, 20 15
Berlin, Nov, 2015
Milton Keynes 5 & 6 Sept, 2015
Glastonbury 2015
Wembley, 20th June 2015
Invictus Closing Concert, London, Sep 2014
Milton Keynes, July 2011
Wembley, June 2008
Reading, August 29th, 1998
Glastonbury June, 26th, 1998
Ozzfest, June 20th,1998
Shepherds Bush, Dec 13th, 1997
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