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Did you ever get a reply from the Foo's? I have taken my son (15y/o) to 6 Foo Fighter shows on this tour. Every show we sit all day in line to get up front so he can have his sign to try to play on stage. I am sure Dave is tired of seeing them, so we didn't put one up at CalJam. And sure enough, Dave brings a kid up on the next show!

If the Foo's or anyone in Music actually reads these. My son is an up and comer in the music world who is currently writing and making music and recording them in his bedroom. He idolizes Dave, and his style is very much like it. If you want to collaborate on something, check out some of his originals. He is playing every instrument on them. Just need to get him in the studio to tighten them up. He has some more, just not recorded them yet.

Melted Clocks

How Low


Here is his YouTube page F
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