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Was after getting tix for the show until I saw it was 21+. My 10yr old has seen the band twice already and I guess we won't be seeing them this go round. Who's the genius who decided to do a 21+ gig?
Oh well. Iron Maiden are touring around the same time and they're not doing 21+ shows. So maybe I'll splurge the extra cash I'm saving not seeing the Foo Fighters this time on better Maiden tickets.
I can see the point in 21+. The show also doesn't start until 10 p.m., and there's an opener. Foos won't go on until 11-11:30. I also heard a rumor that the sound ordinance for that weekend has been extended to 4 a.m., so it could be a long set. Plus, Superbowl weekend, all GA, and people may be rowdy.

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