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just went to check out the ticket prices on viagogo, and it's sickening

they were selling section 110 tickets for almost 500?! they're gone now, so I'm assuming someone bought them.
It's always possible they could have been removed, but I doubt it.

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I understand the anger, but 'blocked out' at 9am just.... not true? There are tickets still available now. Just dont give up and keep on refreshing.

In FF defence they did try to help out genuine fans, they did not just one pre-sale but two. It's annoying you didn't get the code but the stadium shows are huge. Keep refreshing and good luck.
Agreed. There were opportunities to get presale codes through official channels. They tried to ensure that only 'genuine fans' (for the record, fucking hate that term) got tickets for the 02 gig and then got slated because people can't read. Damned if they do and all that.

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There are Friday seated tickets on seetickets and AXS also the venue ( looks like it still has some. It wants me to register to check and I'm already pissed they said there was a thurs presale and there wasn't so no I'm not registering!
I just registered to see, and it says there's none left now for both days.

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probably a stupid question, but what's the best place to sell on tickets? this board?

I still have 2 extra GA tickets for Saturday. Which I would obviously pass on at face value.
Here, or I'd definitely second Twickets. I've sold through them before and a good experience.
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