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Just after 3pm we get released to ticket & bag check, wristbands on and Security's pointless shouting "you still have one gate to go so there's no need to run"... mental dash to gate 3 LOL

Very close to the front. Once again at Mt Smart they hold us at the top of the stairs - it's insane, they know it's insane, they try this time and solve it by literally walking us down the stairs 5 stairs at a time and stopping everyone - which must have seemed a great idea at the time and kinda works and kinda makes it worse. Because at the end of the final five or so step lot - the entire stairway is packed solid with people waiting for the final race all the way left from the bottom of the stair drop here in these photos to the stage. It's now an even worse utter cluster fuck of people...
Gate 3-01
Gate 3-02
Gate 3-03
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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