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I believe the second and third versions are switched. First, the label cut is the same for your first and third version. I doubt they switched then switched back again. Second, I have a first version cassette with the physical address crossed out with marker by them and placed in a third version jacket by them. If they still had first version labels left then it really must be the second jacket, not third. I definitely agree with your supposition that they were probably getting inundated and needed to switch to the P.O. Box.
Yeah numbering wasn't meant to be in order as such at the time I did it - just to signify they were deff different versions... this is something I intend to address so thanks for your comments. Currently trawling through old hard drives of stuff making a PW master folder to rejig the post etc... takes time but it's long overdue. Making it my 20th Ann job for sure.
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