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Because he was signing my autograph and at that moment I was taking his picture so he was passing the paper to me but I was holdind the camera so he look at me and say " Is this yours ... " Talking about the autograph , so I immediately say '"Yes" ... we laughed .

Right after this ...
Here ..

I printed the first one out when you first posted it a few weeks ago and I have it hanging on my wall. I also have the one you took where he's facing away from the camera but you can see my arm with my stripped shirt on and my hand reaching out and touching him...yummy

You are a very lucky girl. He barely even acknowledged me. Probably thought I was too old to pay attention to.
4/29/03 - Tweeter Center - Camden, NJ

10/14/05 - Continental Arena - NJ

8/21/06 - The Beacon Theatre - New York, NY -
Best NIght of My Life - I was touched by very many ways.
(OK, well...we just shook hands, ok?)

10/8/07 - Wilkes-Barre Arena - Wilkes-Barre, PA

07/29/08 - Izod Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

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