Default Re: Have you ever met the Foo Fighters (or one of them) face to face?

I managed to meet them after their acoustic show this year in London, briefly got to see Dave, Nate and Chris as they went in but managed to chat with Taylor about his album as he signed the cover for the coattail riders album, i think he was pretty amazed that someone in the UK had it and asked him to sign it.
Waited after the show and managed to meet them all including Pat Smear, i got all their autographs and even a kiss, hug and my pic took with Dave, as you can see i've put it up as my avaitor.
I have to say that has been the most memorable and fantastic day so. They are all really nice guys and really appreciate their fans.
There goes my hero, he's ordinary

18/12/05 - Earls Court
14/06/06 - Victoria Apollo
17/06/06 - Hyde Park
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