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First of all, Jamila, Jan, Marco (our eurofoofriends) congratulations for the amazing job!

Some entries are cover bands, some are music blogs, and most are stamped fan clubs logos , as in our case, the Foo Fighters Brazil is an official Fan Club, SAM and the band agree with that. With over 50 thousand Facebook likes and nearly 3000 active members. The FFBR not only publishes the official news, but also translates to thousands of Brazilians who do not speak English, and has additional content such as rare photos, news of the side projects, reviews of shows, and of course, humor. We did all this without earning any money, a team of ten people working day and night for thousands who have the best and quickest information.

If you look you will see that there are messages of Brazilians with FFBR logo and other Brazilians who have not. As you can imagine, not all Brazilians are part of FFBR so when we announced the Dave’s Birthday book, we made it clear that they could be sent directly to the FF ITALIA (another fan club that has been doing a wonderful job) or send to our staff review and put in an art so we take the opportunity to put the logo FFBR doing so all our fellows can realize our strength and unity.

And our work has paid off with several declarations from Dave and the SAM team directly to us and all the Brazilians!

I get all that, I just don't see the need to plaster advertising all over a birthday book.

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