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Yeah, here is a bit more background

Krist was sick with the flu and stayed at the hotel with his wife, Shelli. The gig was never announced officially but fliers were handed out at the Calton gig two days before on November 29, 1991. "Teen Spirit" and "Very special American guests" were the name Nirvana was going by on the fliers. Of course, everyone figured out it was Nirvana that was playing at the Southern two days later so about 2000 people showed up early in the evening.

Story goes that Kurt and Dave passed by the bar on a cab, thought there were way too many people and decided to go eat something and come back much later. The plan worked and word got out Nirvana wasn't even gonna show up so almost everyone left. Joyriders, the band who organized this gig for charity, was just putting away their drum kit when Kurt and Dave showed up. They rushed to set it back up but Dave said that it was okay and were not gonna need the drumkit anyway as he was gonna play bass instead. Kurt asked to pass the bucket for donations around and that everyone should donate before they started playing.

Both Kurt and Dave were shattered and exhausted from the intense tour schedule. According to Shonen Knife who was present they played one of their songs, "Twist Barbie". Unfortunately this wasn't caught on this recording as the taper taped the whole long Joyriders set and was running out of tape (that's why Jesus is cut). Only 20 to 30 people were in attendance when Nirvana showed up.
Yep, that happened. I actually spoke to someone who brought a video camera but then left about 30 mins before Kurt and Dave showed up. Word got out Nirvana wasn't really playing after all, it was late and cold, so many people went home thinking it was just a prank. Sucks, huh?

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