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Always pissing on my bonfire! The fest people will makes offers, since they will have nothing better to do really, they will come.I have faith!
I was busy five days ago, I'll tell ya! Anyway, my understanding is that when a band isn't on tour the cost to 'lure' them out to play is a lot more. Although I'm not sure how that changes when they're already in the area, but I suppose they can still hard-ball and say "Yeah we're in Germany but we're out of there the next day unless you want to flash the big $$$s to keep us there"

So It simply comes down to if any festival owners have the money that FF want to play off-tour shows. The rumours were R&L didn't even want to spend the cash on them this year (or couldn't) when on tour, hence the garbage they served up. So will they spend more next year? Depends how desperate they are to appease the disappointed rockers this year I guess.

As ever, we can only wait and see.

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