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I think itís good they do not do the oldíuns no more.

I mean honestly, as much as I prefer the 90s stuff to anything since, a lot of it it sounds out of place among the newer more AOR stuff. And with the keys.. Well they arent exactly made for Weenie Beenie. Metallica pulls mixing old shit with the new off and hats off to them.

Itís a different show by a different band now, they did not take the PJ route.
Each to their own, they are always going to play the hits - but do you actually need the keys for every song? The answer realistically is no but hey

They will never take another bands route, they never needed to in the first place.

It's also this: I'm not overly fussed about what "rarities" they play (if any at all) - there's stuff from the past few albums that haven't been given airtime - it would just be nice for there to be a bit of a mix once in a while.

But they've got their picks from each album that they will play, and it won't differ so really no point in discussing it anymore.

Breakdown of each album and the track they've played live is here: - some will be skewed due to the promo tours they did but it's all moot.

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Controversial suggestion. Rami steps away from the keyboard for a song like weenie Beenie?

I do think itís good that they put HJP etc in, but they could afford to put in more and take out Wheels for good
I fixed that a bit
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