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Definitely none so far for 2nd/last US leg -and based on the package deals Id say they didn't sell as they hoped and they decided it was not worth a second round. A shame and a blessing I guess - one less set of stuff to have to worry about securing for us overseas - especially when they couldnt even consistently list them on the right pages in the store. Though I'd have liked more on balance, it's OK - just going to be left with one O2 forever missing by the looks of it

And I'll be back to you soon mate - hella busy with new job but your spinner keychain has finally arrived safely!
Definitely one where it's less money out of the account, quite glad at the moment for that - especially because am going on holiday in a few weeks so been saving up for that - more would have been nice (or even weirdly enough just a collectors book or something for them all to go in).

I'm still keeping an eye out for if an o2 one appears anywhere, to no avail - but if it does I will either snap it up asap of if its an auction let you know about it.

And that's cool, just ping me a message and will respond as soon as I see it.

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And someone has "collected" a special seat and I hope they eventually post a pic of the wristband or ticket or whatever because it's just mad cool
Hadn't seen that, what gig was it from?
Wembley Stadium, 6th June 2008
Milton Keynes, 2nd July 2011
Reading Festival, 26th August 2012
House of Vans, 11th September 2014
Islington Assembly Hall, 12th September 2014
Invictus Games, 14th September 2014
Wembley Stadium, 20th June 2015
o2 Arena, 19th September 2017
London Stadium, 22nd & 23rd June 2018
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