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In my dreams.

I would be a happy camper if I never had to hear those songs again.
Do you not like Rock 'n' Roll? o.o

The Foos have, honestly, not changed a whole bunch. Especially compared to other bands that I like, such as Against Me! or The Pillows(gigantic changes over 20+ albums), yet I still love them. (one of The Pillows's first singles) (one of their most recent)

Gigantic difference in style. (one of Against Me!'s first songs) (their most popular video to date)

Again, huge difference in style. (good grief) (cheer up, boys)

Large difference in style, but not as large as the above two. I have no farking clue where I'm going with this, but I guess it's just to show that Foo Fighters hasn't changed much.
2/25/08 Allstate Arena, Chicago.
7/20/08 Scottrade Center, St. Louis
7/23/08 Conseco Field house, Indianapolis
9/16/2011 Sprint Center, Kansas City

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