Finger Re: Club Tour

In Newark he said that it was time to start looking into their next tour and he thought it would be a great idea to do a small club tour. He went on to talk more about it but what i just said summed it up. This will happen because he said he was in the process of booking it. Look for the video on youtube if anyone recorded it.

Now quiet down and stop arguing with each other.
07.10.97 Electric Factory
05.06.98 Electric Factory
12.03.99 Y100 FEASTival
07.11.00 Tweeter Center
11.02.02 ($2 Bill Tour) Electric Factory
04.29.03 Tweeter Center
10.13.05 Wachovia Center
08.16.06 Tower Theater
08.18.06 Borgata Event Center
02.21.08 Wachovia Center
04.05.11 (Back & Forth) Parsippany NJ (virtual foo)
09.26.11 IZOD Center
11.10.11 Wells Fargo Center
11.14.11 Prudential Center
05.19.12 The Bamboozle 2012
02.13.13 Sound City Players NY
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