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this jsut feels like it will happen. He only started this with the later shows in bigger cities about mentioning it. Which makes sense, hes going to do this in bigger cities but, I just don't think theres any reason for Dave to say all this just to get the crowd worked up, he would just say something else then to get them worked up.

And like someone already pointed out in this thread what I was going to say, they could play more than one night in a venue.

And about costs, maybe the tickets will be real expensive? Supply and demand I guess. I remember the vegas ones were like 110 or 120 each? I'm also making this point because everyone is saying about him announcing it at the arena show. Well a lot of those people there are casual fans, first time going to see them, maybe going with thier kids or significant other or friend and just really weren't even interested in going or aren't a big foo fighters fan. So why would those types of people want to pay like $100 -$150- ?? for one ticket to go see the foo fighters if they really don't like them that much? Plus lots of people are having money problems still right now with the way things are...

If this does happen I will go on a trip and pay the high price for tickets.
2-24-08 Joe Louis Arena Detroit, MI
7-25-08 Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland, OH
10-28-09 Storytellers Culver City, CA
9-19-11 Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI
9-20-11 Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland, OH
8-24-15 DTE Music Theatre Clarkston, MI

TCV: 10-8-09 The Fillmore Detroit, MI
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