Default Re: Shifty touring with The Gimme Gimmes?

It's a shame he doesn't tour more with them...

I saw the Gimme Gimmes in San Fran 2 years ago with Scott playing guitar which was really cool...until I noticed Shifty sitting in the back listening and then coming out and playing the encore...realized the Foos were playing Outside Lands the next day so OF COURSE Chris would be there!
9.11.15 Vancouver, BC
5.24.14 Reno, NV (CS and the Dead Peasants)
5.23.14 Crystal Bay, NV (CS and the Dead Peasants)
11.01.11 Sacramento, CA
02.08.10 Reno, NV (Shifty solo again!)
02.01.08 Reno, NV
11.12.06 Orangevale, CA (Taylor!)
10.21.06 Mountain View, CA
07.13.06 Berkeley, CA
10.28.05 Oakland, CA
03.06.04 Sparks, NV (Jackson)
06.11.03 Sacramento, CA
10.26.02 Mountain View, CA
05.06.00 Memphis, TN
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