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One or two covers is enough. 5 is too much. I could see a cover band at the local fucking bar. They have softer songs where Dave is not screaming to play instead of the fucking covers. Mix some older shit in. Generator, next year, exhausted, etc. I don't know if I have seen them to much but the last few time seems like you see the same show over and over. Mix some different shit in god dam!! It is just the beginning and might be what they are doing for the fucking festivals over seas. We will see. Oh ya the black ff base ball cap from the merch store sucks its like a thug style baseball cap. How picked that out.
pnc with rhcp,nj 7/14/2000
roseland,nyc 11/12/2000
supper club,nyc 10/31/2002
electric factory,pa 11/2/2002
tweeter center,nj 4/29/2003
hammerstein,nyc 7/2/2003
hammerstein,nyc 7/3/2003
music midtown,atl 5/1/2004
continental,nj 10/14/2005
borgata,nj 8/18/2006
beacon,nyc 8/21/2006
irving plaza,nyc 9/20/2007
borgata,nj 10/13/2007
msg,nyc 2/19/08 +4 more
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