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I like his work on the whole, especially this one, but I think the Milton Keynes Bowl posters suffered for being 50% of a larger image.

It definitely contains elements open for interpretation - are the rockets continuing the robot/sci fi theme or is it because this gig 'launched' their live return. You see a grain silo, you could also see it as the the Pyramid Stage. What with the tents bottom left & Glastonbury Tor bottom right.
I'm liking that launching theme idea - that really works. And yes of course the Pyramid certainly also depicts Glastonbury, making the tents etc double down on that theme. Of course you can add a solid hook into Obelisk Airlines as well there.

In fact you can even drive yourself out of your mind crazy and recall these images from 22 years ago... and ask what is the significance of everything now being upside down?

And (as with the posters I've found I love the most) the more I look the more I see... there is a curly headphone cord coming out of the left can (RHS as you view) that wasn't there yesterday.

And WFT is that Stonehenge on the right at the bottom or what? I thought no that's crazy - though it is only 50 miles away.

The snake has me puzzled - it was just a head at first - now I'm pretty sure I see its body left and right from beside each ear going down (in yellow and green segments). There's something obvious there that Im missing that will probably be a Oh FFS of course moment lol.
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